Thank You

Music inspires me. Music connects me. Music gives me a song.

Music. I am not much on a musician but I am quite a musical consumer.

Music. Gets in my soul.

Music makes me come alive.

Especially worship music.

I love me some passionate, God centered worship!

My new favorite is Elevation Worship, and their song “Jesus I Come”

The part that gets me is the lyric that says

“Thank you Jesus, just as I am I come.. Hallelujah oh what amazing love”

Oh those words just penetrate my heart..

“Thank you Jesus, just as I am I come”

Can I just say what an awesome God do we have?

He does not judge us. He does not have a standard we must meet, but opens his arms freely.

Was Jesus not that perfect representation of God the Father? Hanging there on the cross in love with arms stretched wide.. open. Inviting. Come. I offer all I have.

When defeat seems to be taking the lead. When despair starts to overwhelm the soul. When moving forward seems all but impossible. Hearing those words. Envisioning Jesus. Causes something to rise up in me.. something uncontainable that says.. IT IS NOT OVER YET! The battle has been won. You are not defeated. Christ has already came and defeated all, even death.

As the words, the picture consume me.. I am brought to my knees.. and what more can I say than..

“Thank you Jesus, just as I am I come… Hallelujah oh what amazing love”

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Sometimes life can seem so exhausting, so wearing. 

Sometimes it becomes so easy to look around and just want to throw in the towel.. not another death, not another diagnosis, not another failed marriage, another broken heart. 

The brokenness of the world can feel overwhelming and even paralyzingly at times. 

We can wonder God where are you.. where is the break.. where is the rest.. where is the happy.. the beautiful.. the pretty.. the fun.. the light.. the easy.. the laughter.. the joy.
If we are not careful we can quickly be consumed by the brokenness of the world, and forget to seek the beautiful and soft, gentle face of Jesus. If we are not careful, we can quickly forgot the precious purpose we have been given to fulfill here on this Earth during our time here.

When we turn our eyes to Jesus in the weariness, he shares with us a beautiful truth..he is the only one capable of carrying the brokenness of the world. He shares with us he came as the living sacrifice. He came and paid the penalty for the sin of this world on the cross. He conquered the grave. 

We realize then as he gently reminds us of his power and goodness only he is capable to “save” the world and the broken people and circumstances of this world, to save us. 

He does not give us the responsibility to “fix” this broken world, but “love” this broken world, and the broken people in the world.

If we were responsible for “fixing” this world, we would all be worn out and burned out like so many of us are because the brokenness of our world cannot be fixed by human doing, only by “Jesus” doing.

If we “love” this world, through surrendering our lives to Jesus and serving him, in prayer, word and action, the world and lives can and will be changed. 

In our own strength, we do not have the power to change people, circumstances or situations, but through Christ the tables are turned and lives can be and will changed for now and eternity.

Sweet friends, never doubt the power of Christ in your life or the lives of others. He is mighty, powerful and is sitting on his throne working out his will in those who still believe and call upon his precious name. He hears, sees and knows each one of us.

Whatever burden you may be carrying today lay it down before Jesus. Call on his name today if you never have before. He is more than able to carry your sins and burdens for you. In fact, he loved you, he loved me so much, he already came to carry them for us when he died upon that cross. 

His love for you, for me, for his creation is far more vast than you or I can ever imagine.

He is a good, good father.

Life is not always beautiful, seasons are not always beautiful, but Jesus is. He never changes. His glory and beauty never fade. He is the beauty in this broken world.


So often we look to others to see Jesus. We quickly see their sinful nature and mark Jesus as a phony. People look to “Christians” to see Jesus and so often they see the ugliness of sin ever present in Christians too. People questions what is the purpose of being a Christian then – they do not look any different than someone who does not claim Christ as their Savior.

But how they are missing out by judging so quickly. 

Because although every Christian has their daily moments they are not proud of – I believe if you really got into the heart of every believer of Jesus, his death, resurrection and return, I believe you would see something you cannot find anywhere else, a beauty that is beyond describing. A beauty that calms your soul and increases your hope as they speak. A beauty that draws you and leaves you wanting more. A beauty that moves your soul.

Christians are broken and hurting people too.. they are sinners who have been saved by grace. The thing that makes them different is the beauty that is within them. Yes, if you judge them on every moment of their day they will fail more times than you, I or they would like to admit, but if their heart is pure, they will readily tell you they are a mess up, a failure, they mess up daily, but it is God’s great grace, his amazing mercy that sustains them.

You will see the beauty of Christ as they speak this truth about Christianity. 

Christ Jesus is the most beautiful person you will ever encounter. Though we do not get to fully embrace Him on Earth with sight and touch, He will give you as many glimpses as you want to see His beauty. 

Jesus is the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on. He is my prize, and though I fail daily, I will press on to the toward the goal set before me.

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

-Phillipians 3:14

Be encouraged today brothers and sisters.. go shine your light for the eternal Kingdom of God! We each have our purpose to move forward the will of God 🙂 


We sang a new song in worship before our Friday morning women’s bible study.. It was “O Come to the Altar” by Elevation Worship. I highly recommend checking out the song.. It’s beautiful!

As I sang the words, and as I have continued to take the song in, God opened my eyes to the beauty of His nature, and just His deep gentle desire for all to know Him. For all to call upon Him. For all to spend eternity in Heaven with Him one day. But the harsh, not so fun reality to expose is we only get the joy of heaven if we choose to follow Jesus here on Earth as our Lord and Savior. No one wants to be the messenger on harsh reality news, but I am thankful for the messengers that came into my life. So I come in humility, love and just a heaviness as I continue to sing the song, I can hear the heart of Jesus wanting to reach all before time on Earth has run out, either by death of his returning. 

I know life for many feels like it’ll never end and we will be here forever.. I know I have days that I think, “Is this day ever going to be over?!” But honestly, our time here is short.

“O come to, the altar, the Father’s arms are opened wide” goes part of the song. 

If you do not know Jesus, I pray for you today. I believe He is calling you. 

If you know Jesus but are struggling today, I pray you find peace in this song like I did, knowing Jesus has you. 

Or if you are celebrating in Christ today, I pray you will have the desire to continue to share the joy found in Jesus with others.

The video link to this beautiful song is below:

 “Oh what a Savior, isn’t he wonderful. Sing halleljuah, Christ is risen!” 

If you do not know Jesus, He is the most loving, compassionate and patient person you will ever meet. He is also the most powerful, mighty and influential person you will ever encounter.

He is waiting for you. Call upon Him today 🙂 

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have not told you that I go to prepare a place for you?” -John 14:1-2

Call upon Him. He wants you to join Him in the place He is preparing for you 🙂 

I’d love to pray for you or help you seek answers to questions you may have if you are struggling.


It is when we do not feel love, know love, we begin to give up in life.. On our marriages, in our relationships, in pursuing our destinies and dreams. But when we know love..when we know how deeply, deeply, deeply loved we are ..I am able, you are able, to rise, and fight battle after battle.

I pray today if you are struggling, you know you are being held. God sees you. God knows you. God loves you.

His love sustains you, sustains me, and gives us all we need to fight through the battles of this life.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” -John 15:13

Jesus laid his life down for us. For you, for me, so we would never be alone. So we will never doubt a day if we are loved. 

If you are struggling today, go in peace knowing, Jesus died for you.. You are loved! Loved more than you will ever know 🙂 

Even if all else seems to be failing, that is something to smile about today 🙂


The world is always changing. People are changing. Trends are changing. Health topics are changing. Every day, every moment of the day, something is changing. In a world filled with never ending moments of change, I am thankful there is one person that is unchanging. One person that has not changed since the foundations of the world. One person who never changes his character or what he believes. One person who’s love is never unchanging.

Jesus. God made flesh. God who walked about with sinners just like us.

It amazes me that his message has never changed. The Holy Words were just as relevant 2000 years ago as those exact words are today. Unchanging.

The power that healed sick people. The power that opened blind eyes, that helped crippled people walk, that performed miracle upon miracle, that power is still moving and available today. Unchanging.

Oh my heart cries out for those who do not believe. My heart cries out for those who have been blinded by the lies of the enemy. I cry out for those to see the unchanging God. All else in this place, in this state, in this nation, on this planet, in this galaxy, is changing.. always changing. But the Lord God, Jesus Christ, the one and only true God, has never once changed. He is the same God that was here since the beginning.

Look to Him today. The time is near. He wants you. You can trust in Him. All other things, all other people will let you down, will fail you.. but the Lord Jesus, he is faithful. He is steady. He is unchanging.

In a world filled with so much anxiety, so much fear, so much worry, call upon the Lord Jesus today. His Word will bring you peace. His word will bring you healing. His word will bring you hope.

If you are seeking something stable, something unchanging in your life, I pray you will not delay in asking the Lord Jesus today to come into your life. To be that unchanging factor that brings steadiness to your rocky, jagged life path.

I would love to pray with you if you are in need of Jesus today. If you are in need of experiencing His unchanging character.

“Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.” – Psalm 90:2

In His Name

Our God saves. Oh does he save. We sang the song in church just today. What a joyful song to sing!

“Our God saves, Our God saves… There is hope.. in His name..”

Do you ever struggle with finding hope? Do you see yourself scavenging around like a mouse try to find just a morsel, a drop, a crumb of hope?

If you are like me, you have found yourself in that desperate state of scavenging more times than you would like to admit. Lord this brokenness..  Lord this hurt..  Lord this pain.. We all have our situations in life that come and knock us right off our feet, situations that change our lives forever. Situations that change us even if we did not want to be changed. Situations that never allow us to be the same person again (even if we so badly desire to be). Those situations are a hard pill to swallow. It is so hard to see the beauty, when there is so much pain. Hard to see the loving God, when there is so much hurt. Hard to see the hope, when there is so much darkness.

As I sang the song today, God touched my heart. He spoke so softly to this girl who once thought she was beyond repair.. beyond ever being able to be put back together.. and spoke over me yet again his wonderful promise of hope. Hope in the name of Jesus. Hope in the promises of his Word. Hope in his returning. Hope in life eternal. Hope that he sees, he hears, he knows our every need even now. Hope.

A hope that does not require scavenging, but is freely given. Hope that is readily available to all who repent of their sins, confess their need for a Savior, and acknowledge Jesus as the one true God. Hope that covers all. Hope that heals all. Hope that satisfies all. Hope that abounds through all, and in all circumstances.

Hope that is never crushed by the fragility of this world. Hope that is never wavered by our performance. Hope that is steady in all the seasons of life.

We all are in need of hope. This world is in desperate need of hope. Hope is a beautiful light! Fill your bucket in the Lord Jesus today. Bring a piece of the hope into your place in the world today. Light up your life where you are today!

Join David, the lowly shepherd boy who became King, who killed Goliath with just a sling and a stone.. when he says “My hope is in you [God].” (Psalm 39:7 ESV)

Join me, a broken sister, who was brought out of the darkness of defeat, despair and brokenness, and into the His marvelous light, saying “my hope is in you God!”

When all seems dark, whether life, a situation or a circumstance, come before the Lord. Ask Him to be your hope, to be your light, in this time of darkness, through this time of tribulation.

Jesus wants to be your hope, my hope. Come to Jesus. He is hope. Hope eternal.

“The Lord is near to all who call upon Him..” (Psalm 145:18 ESV). Call upon Him today.